Special occasions in Villa Müllerbeck

In Villa Müllerbeck excellent location, beautiful nature, attentive service, carefully selected restaurant menu and a cozy interior all meet – everything that’s needed to make your stay with us special. It is our pleasure to share all of this with you.

Accommodation in Villa Müllerbeck

The villa has 23 different rooms for a total of 48 people, but if needed, it is possible to place extra beds in the rooms. Larger groups can spend the night in other accommodations in Otepää, all within 1,5 kilometers.
The rooms in Villa Müllerbeck are cozy and comfortable. Many rooms come with a terrace, sauna and a bathtub. A lavish breakfast awaits all our guests in the morning, and with nice weather it can be enjoyed on the sun-filled terrace.
While we usually accept reservations from 6 rooms to come and stay with us, during popular events in and around Otepää we also offer standard stay. Contact us with the time and details of your stay beforehand.

Restaurant in Villa Müllerbeck

In 2017 we expanded our restaurant and now it can accommodate up to 100 guests and there is even room for a dance floor. We have designed the interior of the restaurant in Scandinavian light and calm tones. The restaurant gives access to a spacious terrace, where you can have breakfast enjoying the views over the lake or have a cozy reception.

Kitchen in Villa Müllerbeck

Our head chef Tamur Voore is overseeing a kitchen team that is ready to offer our guests snacks and delicious dishes that excite the senses and offer special experiences even for more demanding tastes. Naturally, we only use the best raw materials and prefer domestic produce whenever possible. In preparing and serving food we get inspiration from our love for the art of food.

It can be said that my cooking career started from a very young age. I can remember well from the time I was 7-8 years old, how I liked to „experiment“ with mixing different things together and hoping that it would result in something cool. Of course, my parents didn’t like it much, when they found their new kitchen bowl with a mixture of flour, ball pen ink and bleach in it. To this day, I still like experimenting with new technologies and trying new flavors, using fresh and hopefully domestic raw materials. The greatest pleasure I get from the work done is when the eyes of the customers light up as they are served their food. I am glad that I can prepare food that makes people happy on their special occasions.

Chef’s greetings

Our story

We opened our doors for guests in 2011. Our villa operated as a hotel until the end of 2016. These years had many special moments: romance packages, concerts, TV shows and theatrical performances.
In the spring of 2017, we expanded the restaurant, terrace, and car park to be able to accommodate larger groups than before. If you want to organize a special birthday party, wedding reception, business event or seminar for at least 15 people, you are welcome to the private Villa Müllerbeck, where you will find a balanced Scandinavian interior, good service, a carefully selected restaurant menu and a unique Southern Estonian hilly landscape.

Villa Müllerbeck before renovations.